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Getting beyond the surface of a potential candidate's CV is crucial when trying to understand whether they're a good fit for a job. Here are a few tips to evaluate the resume of a developer from a technical perspective.
Today we sat down with Noe, a Java Developer from Mexico, to talk about his relocation to Barcelona. Keep on reading.
We are very happy to welcome our new colleague Greg to Nederlia!
How would you put together a legendary tech startup team?
Our Jeremy is back to All Hands Volunteers, this time in Peru. You can help as well!
It’s finally time to start growing your startup team; Beware: there are a bunch of traps that you can fall into along the way!
We chatted with two amazing ladies of Barcelona startup champion Trovit about working with friends, having an international team, meeting rooms filled with colorful balls... and a lot of other important things. Interview with Carol Murtra and Pilar Perales.
What's keeping developers from the Balkans to relocate and look for new opportunities?
Why You Should’ve Been in Barcelona Last Week: A Recap of 4YFN, Spain’s Largest Startup Event
Hiring a great coder requires you to do more than posting a vacancy on a job board. Here are a few tips to get you started.
Apps you need to download asap if you’re gonna live in Barcelona.
Boolean search will come in handy, so you can organise your search to produce more relevant candidate search results on LinkedIn and beyond.
HR software database can come in handy to make the best hires, saving your time and helping cut cost. Here are top 3 reasons why to include it in your hiring efforts.
December presents a golden opportunity to job seekers to think about their career status and plan for the future. You could do well to attract the talent that has kept you waiting all this time.
When it comes to recruiting UX designer, what should be the considerations? What makes a great UX designer? What additional skills should UX designers have?
We have noticed that the word DevOps sparks confusion, especially for non technical people. Sure, the word itself is a combination of Development and Operations, but what does a DevOps Engineer actually do?
This week we wanted to shine some light on Technical Recruitment and its challenges so we reached out to Ana Borges, a Technical recruiter from Betsson Group to pick her brain on various challenges she faces on a daily basis.
We are happy to welcome Jeremy to Nederlia. Get to know him better.
Christmas is about giving, so we have decided to create a fun little competition for you guys.
This is a competitive world where hiring the right tech talent can be a challenge. If you are still relying on job boards without focusing on the right approach to present yourself, you may not win the battle for the best talent.
Our new colleague Ned has just started working with us! Get to know him better.
Expectations that we have about recruiters might not always be realistic. Why is that and where does that come from?
Every situation is different, but over the years we have seen a pattern in why Tech Talent decides to leave their company. What can you do to make them stay?
Are you wondering about salaries offered for Front-end Developer jobs in the Netherlands, Spain, Italy or other European countries? Then check this out:
Where does the frustration come from? Who is to blame? What can we do about it?
We have been using a form of scrum in our recruitment processes for 6 months now and these are some of the great improvements we experienced so far...
101 with Java Developer, an excellent inside in why to choose Java as a programming language.
Recruiters spend more than 78,000 minutes per year interviewing candidates. Make sure you know what to ask and not ask while talking to Tech Talent.
We are very happy to give a warm welcome to Joe at Nederlia. We are sure you are curios to find out more about our new colleague so just keep on reading...
What does a QA manager actually do? How does QA fit in a startup organisation? And how important is QA when it comes to growth of a startup? We decided to sit down with an expert in the field to get answers on these questions. Denise Tham, previously working as QA manager at the cloud-based collaboration startup "Podio", has shared the following insights with us.
As this week we wanted to shine some light on Technical Recruitment in the online gaming/betting industry we have reached out to Ana Borges from Betsson Group to pick her brain on various challenges she faces on a daily basis.
Are you wondering about salaries offered for Product Owners jobs in the Netherlands, Spain, France or other European countries? Then check this out:
Interview with Daniel Martos, HR Business Partner & Technical Recruiter at Scytl Barcelona. He's passionate about working as IT recruiter and we decided to take advantage of his experience to ask him some questions about IT recruitment and how the Barcelona scene has been changing.
An interview with Josefina who tells us all about what does it mean to be a UX Designer and challenges it brings. Click to read the whole interview.
Are you wondering about salaries offered for Java Developer jobs in the UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland and other European countries? Then check this out:
Melisa moved from Portugal to Barcelona and joined one of the biggest European e-commerce companies as an UX Designer. She has been living in Barcelona for almost a year now and she shared with us her experience of relocating and tips on living in the Catalan capital.
Tomasz, a Polish Java Developer, was living and working in Cracow when we spoke about the possibility of moving to Manchester. It was a big move for him, but he did it but he is really enjoying life in the North of the UK! Read his story and his tips on life in the UK here:
Barcelona’s recruitment scene has been changing a lot in the last years and various entrepreneurs who work in Barcelona (among them Nederlia's founder Claude Loeffen) were invited to discuss various topics connected to the city, recruitment and jobs...
Having worked with Elvira, Product Owner Global Recruitment at Booking.com, for couple of years now we have decided to take this opportunity to sit down and talk about everything you wanted to know about Booking.com, recruiting international talent and why to relocate to Amsterdam.
Are you having trouble recruiting Tech Talent? Nederlia, partner of Vibrant Talent Development is organising the First Tech Recruitment Bootcamp in Barcelona to help you solve your problem. Click for more info:
What happens when you decide to leave a charming and chaotically beautiful Rome and move to Berlin? Giuseppe is gonna tell us more about it :)
Maurizia, a HR Generalist at Gameloft, tells us more about start-up scene in Barcelona and what are the main concerns of international candidates relocating here. Keep on reading.
Leonardo, a UX Designer from Brazil, tells us his story of moving to Europe last year. Or better, to Barcelona :) And how he found the whole process. Could you be the next one to write such a story?
Valerio has been living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands for a few months now and he shared his experience of relocating and tips on living in The Netherlands on our blog. Click to read more.
Nederlia is a company that helps IT experts from around the globe move to different countries, so it was fitting that I joined - I think I've become an expert in the field of moving to a new country. It's been a year since I joined and can honestly say I have one of the most rewarding jobs in my field.
Article on why kids should learn how to code from Primary school.
Special guest for today is Katy Peichert (Talent Acquisition Manager at Wooga in Berlin) who's going to tell us about the German Capital, its start-up scene and why you should definitely move to Berlin.
Short interview with Eli about everyday life at Nederlia.
We helped Benoit to relocate to Eindhoven to start working as an Embedded Software Engineer in a lead tech company. He only moved recently and these are his first thoughts about relocation and life in The Netherlands.
Boris was based in Moscow when we contacted him with the opportunity to relocate to Amsterdam. Although he had relocated before from Ukraine, this was still a big step for him.
The new Star Wars movie is almost here and surely you are, just like us, not able to contain your excitement. So in order to make this excruciating wait a little bit less painful, we've decided to organise 12 days of Star Wars competition. *yay*
After 4 wonderful years in Barcelona, Ross made the decision to pack his bags and move to the other side of the universe. Let's find out how he's getting on and any advice he might have on such a big move.
Abdullah was working in Dubai when we got in contact with him regarding a back-end position in Amsterdam. He and his wife relocated to The Netherlands over a year ago and you can read all about the process of relocation and tips on life in Amsterdam below.
Mauricio was based in Brazil when we contacted him with the opportunity to relocate to Amsterdam. Even thought it was a big step he moved from Brazil with his family and started working as an UX Designer for one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Europe. This was two years ago and we always look forward to grab a coffee with him every time we go to Amsterdam.
Earlier this summer we helped Davor to relocate to Berlin from Zagreb. He is now working for one of the largest internet platfroms as a Software Engineer. Read this short interview to find out about his life in Berlin.
Kornel just moved from Budapest to Barcelona and joined one of the biggest e-commerce companies as an Agile Coach. He is really enjoying life in sunny Barcelona. Curious about what he likes to do in Barcelona and what are his tips? Then keep on reading.
Short interview with Francesca about her everyday life at Nederlia.
After the great success that last years’ event had, UPC decided to organise the Network Talent Day again and we just couldn’t miss it this time :)
Maria was working in Florianopolis, Brazil doing some amazing UX work when we first got in touch. We helped her to move over to Amsterdam in August 2014 to start designing amazing things in Europe! She had the chance to go back home to Brazil to get married, but she's really enjoying life in Amsterdam. Read her story and tips on life in The Netherlands below!
Short interview with Dani about everyday life at Nederlia.
Diana is a Bulgarian Product Owner, who recently joined e-commerce company based in Barcelona. Even though she has never been to Spain before, she decided to make a move and move abroad. You can read about her experience with relocation and life in Barcelona below.
Interview with Ewelina about how she is liking life at Nederlia.
We helped Federico to find his new job in Berlin as a Front End Engineer. This is a little interview about his experience and tips.
Get to know us at Nederlia. Small interview with Ross, not only about his favourite time of the day.
Michele finished his Master´s degree in Computer Engineering in April 2015 and was looking for an international experience. We helped him to find a perfect opportunity in Embedded Development in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
Interview with Claude about what he loves, and not so much, about Nederlia.
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