Name & Nickname: Ewelina, some friends call me Ewe or Unicorn Lover 

Nationality: Polish 

Experience of culture shock in Spain: hell yes! I still cannot understand why people here need to be so loud and they just don't care about the others. Crazy taxi drivers! Lot's of Latino music, which is not my favourite. I still don't get why do people love so much "patatas bravas". Apart from that it's all good :) 

How are you feeling now? Awesome.

The best time of the day at Nederlia: mornings, I am a morning person. 

The worst time of the day at Nederlia: after the lunch... I feel like having the Spanish siesta :) 

If you could steal a toy from the office, which one would it be?:  All Dani's toys :D 

Your motto: To travel is to live.