Name & Nickname: Francesca - Fran
Nationality: Ecuador / Chile / Italy
Experience of culture shock in Spain: I think that the Spanish culture isn't that far off from what I'm used to, but the Catalan culture is a little bit more! For me, it was going from not really knowing where the Catalan speaking people were, in Spain, to being inserted in the centre of it all. I'll tell you one thing, I haven't minded getting used to this passion for having a great work/life balance, in Barcelona! Plus, it's always been really hard for me to choose one dish out of a menu, so the tapas have completely changed my life. ;)
How are you feeling now?: Hungry!
The best time of the day at Nederlia?: When we are all joking around, and having a laugh. It's great to be able to work in such an amazing work environment, where you get along with everybody. The term "Nederlia Family" is no joke, people!
The worst time of the day at Nederlia?: When I lose at Mario Kart, against Claude or Dany. 
If you could steal a toy from the office, which one would it be? Link! (from Zelda)
Your motto?: Omnia in Bonum (all unto good)