After 4 wonderful years in Barcelona, Ross made the decision to pack his bags and move to the other side of the universe. Let's find out how he's getting on and any advice he might have on such a big move.

As an expat how much do you feel at home in the city of Sydney? 

Sydney is an extremely vibrant city, with tonnes of things happening at all times. The weather is generally good and that allows you to have a really outdoors life. Although it’s hard to replace Barcelona in my heart, Sydney does feel like a great place to be!

Are you able to make the most of your spare time? What activities do you like doing in Sydney? 

One of the great things about Australia, as far as I can see, is that people here have a great work-life balance. Coming from Spain, where that is also the case, this was a really important aspect for me. Well, aside from all the great sports on offer from Rubgy to Cricket, I’ve started surfing and there are lots of food and drink festivals to enjoy too.

What still surprises you about Sydney? 

The heat! Although summer has only just started, it has been really hot recently, and it takes some getting used to - even after a hot summer in Spain!

What tips and advice would you give someone who's moving to the Australia?

I would advise anyone to come out here and give it a try, but I would advise to do research into where to live before coming. Sydney is a huge city and finding a place on arrival can be quite stressful if you haven’t done enough research!