December is the time not only to rejoice, make merry, and have fun, but also to continue with your normal recruitment approach. Surprised, are you? Well, it is that time of the year when many jobseekers are reevaluating their career and looking for new opportunities. Being in the recruitment industry, I have realized that December presents a golden opportunity to job seekers to think about their career status and plan for the future. I believe recruiting in December is more likely to present you with great choices in talent hunting. You could do well to attract the talent that has kept you waiting all this time.


  • December is Opportunity Time

Some top performing workers start to evaluate their careers in December when there is less work burden. Most such workers, who are otherwise busy all through the year, start to evaluate whether they should continue with their present employer or look for new opportunities. This presents smart workers with an opportunity to hook them when most other companies are in holiday mood.

You are likely to get a positive response from these go-getters, who may be seeking growth opportunities during this period when there is lull in the workplace. These candidates could be those that you had failed to woo earlier because they were too busy then. Smart recruiters would not want to miss out on the opportunity to recruit these workers who now have a bit more time to respond favorably to a potential job ad. Alternatively, with less competition on the market, there will be fewer job postings. As a result, your posting will get greater exposure.


  • Money Matters

The holiday period involves a lot of spending, so candidates will realize they need more money to meet their expenses. Smart recruiters offering higher than the average wage would do well by attracting eyeballs of top performing employees with money issues.


  • A Step Ahead of the Competition

Keeping your office open for recruiting at Christmas is a golden opportunity to get an edge over the competition. Many competitors are in holiday mood or just too busy with year-end calculations that they do not pay attention to talent pools. When most recruiters are relaxing, it might be the perfect time to actively talent hunt and catch the best brains in December. It is the best time to focus your efforts on such workers who are eager to kick-start the next year with a fresh role!


  • Accessible Candidates

With projects winding up, less number of meetings to attend, and more of free time by the year end, candidates have greater freedom to attend interviews. So recruiting around Christmas time is a good idea.

During the December break, more and more number of candidates are active online, as they are in mood to connect with and wish friends and family on social media. They are more likely to check their email on a regular basis, and look for things that interest them, which includes new job opportunities. You could do well to promote a vacancy on social networks at this time of the year before normal schedules resume after Christmas holidays.

Additionally, during this time, candidates have many acceptable excuses to leave offices for a few hours, including running errands or partying. It will be easier for them to attend an interview with a recruiter.


Instead of hurriedly seeking out new talent in January, it is a good idea to prepare for change in advance by opening up the hiring process in December and invite applications. Recruiting in December should be the catch word for now!

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