Senior Android Engineer + sunbathing horchata drinker

Location: Valencia

Envision yourself sipping horchata, the sweet tiger nut milk native to Valencia, in its hometown every single day, while sunbathing on one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain. Sounds like something you could get used to? Then add the fact that you’d be building the future Android app of Spain’s number one grocery store from scratch as a Senior Android Engineer, and you’ve got the full picture.


What your friends think you do:

  • Be on vacation 365 days a year and send your friends annoying pictures of you in shorts and sunglasses while they’re freezing their ears off.


What you actually do:

  • Create an Android app that thousands of customers will use for their online grocery shopping

  • Help achieve end-to-end efficiency in the supply chain behind the future e-commerce channel of Spain’s number one grocery store

  • Demonstrate your passion for crafting bullet-proof, maintainable software that is easily scalable

  • Write clear, maintainable code that will scale

  • Spend your weekends on one of Valencia’s beaches, eating tapas or admiring the futuristic buildings of the The City of Arts and Sciences


Great if you:

  • Have a deep understanding of and proven experience in building mobile apps at scale

  • Are proficient in Java and programming concepts such as Clean Architecture, MVP with DI, UI and unit testing

  • Have strong know-how in object-oriented software design and design patterns

  • Can show us a real life app reference or open source projects

  • Have worked in a collaborative agile environment (Scrum, Kanban) before and have experience dealing with Product Managers, stakeholders and engineers

  • Are self-motivated with the ability to work as a team member

  • Are fluent in English (a slight accent will fly)


What’s in it for you:

  • Get your hands on some shiny new equipment when you start

  • Enjoy Valencia’s almost year round sunny weather ;)

  • Office based in the city center

  • Expand your horizons and your “squad” in an international environment


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