We are not recruiters, we are techspotters :)

How we started

Having worked in the International Tech space for years from an in house perspective at companies like Spotify and SAP on the one side, and at Technical Recruitment agencies from the other side, both co-founders from The Netherlands and from Australia felt there was a big gap in the market they could fill. They started Nederlia in 2013 offering candidates and clients in the Tech space a recruitment service that truly understands the Startup- and Tech community.


3 years later Nederlia has grown to an international team of 11 experts in the field of "Spotting" Tech Talent worldwide.


TechSpotting /'tekspɒtɪŋ' / verb : 1) Finding Technical Talent globally 

Unnamed ancient god of technology -  

Nederlia /'nedəli:ə' / noun : 1) Scanning the world from The Netherlands to Australia to headhunt the best tech talent

We’d love to meet you in person!

We are headquartered in Barcelona and at our office we have quite an interesting mix of International

Techspotters ready to help you in finding your dream job in one of the hottest start-up in the EU.

If you’re in the neighborhood, then pay us a visit. No worries we will sense that you are coming. 


Address: Plaça de Tetuan, 40-41 - Barcelona

Phone: +34 933 157 775