Q: What happens when an Australian and a Dutchman walk into a bar?
A: Many, many beers are drunk. Oh, and a tech recruitment company is born.

TechSpotting /'tekspɒtɪŋ' / verb
1. Finding tech talent from all corners of the globe

Nederlia /'nedəli:ə' / noun
1. A team that scans the world from The Netherlands to Australia to headhunt the best tech talent
2. Ancient god of technology

Experts in the field of "spotting tech talent" worldwide, we help international candidates find their next tech challenge, at some of the coolest startups and e-commerce companies in Europe.


Back in 2013, our co-founders (who didn’t really meet in a bar) spotted a gap in the tech recruitment market they knew they could fill. Five years on, we’re a curious mix of international TechSpotters who truly understand the startup and tech communities. And we’re ready and waiting to help you find your dream job - or your dream candidate!


Greg Zareba


  1. His body was born in Poland, but his heart lives in Rome
  2. Favourite colour is blue
  3. Competes with Elisa, Denis and Barbora for the biggest-dog-lover-in-the-office title
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Claude Loeffen


  1. Favourite quote "Knowledge is a tricky thing" - Joey Tribbiani
  2. Doesn't know what his Tattoo says
  3. Hates "motivational quotes" on Linkedin
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Nicolas Campos


1. Plays four instruments
2. Argentinian barbecue expert 
3. Old music and movie lover, especially Monty Python
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Rory Kavanagh


  1. Believes Battlestar Galactica (2004) is the greatest piece of television ever made
  2. Can get all 96 clears on Super Mario World without using a walkthrough
  3. Is the best ultimate frisbee player in the office
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Barbora Juzova


  1. Met Messi and didn't know who he was
  2. Likes motivational posts and gets bullied for it
  3. Will say hi to your dog before you
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Denis Jovic


  1. Thinks that a dog is a man's best friend 🙂
  2. Believes being lost while travelling is the best way to find yourself
  3. Prefers to do lists instead of remembering things
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Ana Isic


  1. Loves to make pancakes
  2. Proud mom of 2 years old boy
  3. Still believes in goodness in people
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Ash Alwis


  1. Loves fresh orange juice
  2. Works hard, plays hard
  3. A big fan of a good pun
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Elisa Alston


  1. Sometimes eats dessert for main course and then again for dessert
  2. Not 100% sure that fairies don’t exist
  3. Looks at every dog in the street as if she’s going to kidnap it
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Djordje Djordjevic


  1. Loves only classic movies. Classic = timeless
  2. Wants to travel trough universe
  3. Distant sunny beaches & cocktails lover
PacmanPacmanPacmanPacman PacmanPacmanPacmanPacman

Vivien Magyar


  1. Used to be severely addicted to The Sims but sober for 10 years, 7 months and 3 days
  2. Got into an insane car chase with Brangelina when they were still a thing
  3. Can't live without vegan treats, succulents or CrossFit
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Joe McAllister


  1. Favourite food is tacos
  2. Mastermind subject would be Rupauls Drag Race
  3. Once shared a room with Meryl Streep and Hugh Jackman
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