Life as an Engineer at the Adidas Global Tech Hub in Zaragoza


To get a realistic idea of what it is like to work at the rapidly-growing Tech Hub for Adidas worldwide in Zaragoza we had conversations with several people from the Engineering teams.

We asked a Senior Software Engineer, a Senior Frontend Engineer,  a Platform QA Engineer, a Senior Director Platform and Talent Acquisition about their personal experience. 

They have 4 different nationalities and all moved to Zaragoza from different places.



I am not actively looking for a new job

When I first got approached about a career move to Adidas I was not actively looking for a change. I was not unhappy in my job, however, it did trigger me to think about my current professional and personal situation.

I did realise that there were a few things that could be improved:

  • A lack of an international environment. 
  • I felt like I was just producing software for clients, rather than tangible products.
  • I didn’t like living in a huge city that much anymore
  • At my current company getting promoted meant: a move to a different job with essentially the same title, pay and role.

Why did I decide to further explore this career opportunity?

First of all the Brand, but also my love for sports, the global exposure it would give me and the hyper-growth that is currently happening at Adidas

My doubts about starting a new adventure

As with every other career move I made before, I am never 100% sure that accepting a new job and making a move are the right things to do. 

When getting to the end of the recruitment process with Adidas these were some of the doubts I had:  

  • Is a large organisation like Adidas going to suit me? 
  • Will I be seen as a number? 
  • What will life be like in Zaragoza? 
  • How difficult will it be to build up a social life?

My first weeks at Adidas

I am naturally a fairly shy person, so it takes me a while to get comfortable in a new environment.  However, from the start, I felt listened to and the team made me feel very welcome.

What makes me want to stay at Adidas long term?

Our technology and frameworks are always of the latest versions. 

A lot of companies say they use new technologies. But what I like about working at Adidas is that the people here have the mindset to look for new solutions, with new technologies, for new problems.  

To give you an example: we are adopting Micro Frontends. There is no single dominant implementation nor a clear “best” micro-frontend framework just yet, which gives me the feeling we are pioneering. The same goes for many other parts of our systems.

We are building “freaking” cool stuff!

You will build real products here. For example, our e-commerce is custom built and we are building our own commercial system.

I also love the International environment. It gives me the chance to work with people from the whole world. A lot of diversity.


One of the things I disliked the most about some of my previous employment is micro-management. In the years that I have been working at Adidas, I have not encountered that yet. It’s actually quite the contrary. 

They really trust you here and so they expect the same back. You are expected to be fairly autonomous although the guidance is there and my colleagues are always open to help.

My manager doesn’t tell me what to do all the time, we just make sure we are well aligned.

We are open source lovers (we even open-source some of our own projects) and have adopted a true Engineering Culture. We invest in gamification on the work floor, do events, talks and hackathons. 

The fact that we have an international team, of who many have moved to Zaragoza on their own, made it easy to create a social life. 

I hang out with many colleagues outside of work too and they became good friends.

How are your chances to grow within the organisation?

They (senior engineers) have defined certain skill sets. When you reach that skill set you are eligible for the promotion.

No company is perfect, what could be better?

You need to be ready for adaptability and change, that comes with a fast-growing environment like ours. If you want a really steady and stable environment this is not for you. 

It is not for the faint-hearted we say to each other at times 🙂

Sometimes decision making takes a bit longer due to the size of the organisation. My personal experience is that at times things are smooth and sometimes there is more red tape. It depends on the project that you are working on.

I worked at a startup before and often it feels the same at Adidas. But other times things just take a bit longer.

How is life in Zaragoza

It’s an easy city to live in. I love walking with my dog and to go dancing with friends. Building a social life felt easier than in other Spanish cities where I lived.

Personally, I found it easier to integrate than in larger cities like Madrid or Barcelona, because of the size I guess.

My first 2 weeks were very smooth. It was a big change for us coming from Russia. I really like the weather (except for August when it gets too hot, I need to get away then). 

There are lots of parks and green spaces. The infrastructure is great and public transport is affordable.

The offices are about 10-15 minute walk outside of the city centre only.

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