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soft skills software developers need in ecommerce

6 soft skills your software developers need to survive in e-commerce

Can code blindfolded: tick! Absorbs new programming languages at the speed of light: tick! Has experience leading a team: tick! Uses the right languages, frameworks and IDEs: tick! Think you’ve found the perfect e-commerce developer? Unfortunately, you’re only halfway there. In competitive, fast-moving, innovative sectors, software developers also need a bunch of soft skills in […]
e-commerce developers are like aliens

Why e-commerce developers are like aliens

E-commerce developers are like aliens. We’ve heard they exist. People claim to have seen them. But they’re impossible to find. We’ve spent the last few years on the Tech Spotting trail and we’ve managed to spot some (e-commerce developers, not aliens). We’ve even documented what they look like so you can spot them too. What […]
hire developers working with scale

How to hire developers working with scale

Rapid growth is awesome, but it comes with its own unique set of challenges. If a company is scaling, the structure of teams and individual responsibilities can change from one week to the next. Priorities might shift, the product will evolve, and sometimes everything can end up “patas arriba” if you’re from Spain, or “tits […]

How to hire developers with experience analysing data

We. Love. Data. And we don’t even work in e-commerce. Your developers also need to love data – especially your new hires. But how can you be sure they live and die by an Excel spreadsheet full of perfectly analysed data? How can you know they’re not pretending to live for data when they’re actually […]
How to hire developers with commercial awareness- hire developers for e-commerce

How to hire developers with commercial awareness

In rapidly growing companies and competitive sectors, new developers need to slot into the team and start contributing to the business almost immediately. If they’re working in an agile environment, it’s even more critical for developers to feel comfortable in their new role. To hit the ground running, developers need to understand how their work […]
How to know if a developer uses agile - how to hire developers for e-commerce

How to know if a developer uses agile

Developers are a mysterious bunch. You’d think it would be easier to assess their soft skills and preferred way of working than their tech experience, but that isn’t always the case. If you’re hiring developers for e-commerce or travel tech, it’s likely they will need to have worked in an agile environment – whether that’s […]