5 questions for Java Developer who relocated to Barcelona

When we first contacted Noe, a senior java developer with the opportunity to relocate to Barcelona, he didn’t hesitate at all. He has been looking for international experience and exposure and Spain seemed like a great location for him since he is a native Spanish speaker. Below, you can read his experience, challenges and thoughts on the whole process. 
How was the process of moving from Mexico to Spain? 
The paperwork was a little bit longer than I expected and I didn’t have exact date to arrive so my planning was not very good nevertheless I’m very happy to finally being here
What convinced you to make the final decision to relocate to Spain? 
I really want to boost my career with a full international experience when I read a little bit about Barcelona is home of many tech and startups company got me interested and also many cultural aspects in the city
What were you most excited about moving to Barcelona? 
Some friends and other people were telling me about how beauty is Barcelona so I really wanted to see it by myself also all this tech and startup companies make the city a really good place to grow as a developer.
How do you see the Tech community in Barcelona? Any Tech-activities (events, meetups, hackathons) you can take part of outside of your work? 
The tech community seems very active, I haven’t checked deeply about tech-activities but I can tell inside my current job the company promotes tech events for the community I bet many other companies do the same.
What tips would you give someone who is thinking about moving to Barcelona? Any recommendations?


Take time to look for an apartment and save money for it. Prepare to walk even the city has an excellent public transport, walking in this city is amazing, also you can ride a bicycle.


Thank you, Noe, for talking to us!


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