6 apps to download if you are moving to Barcelona

Whether you’re truly tech-savvy or suffering from a mild case of computer illiteracy, you have to admit there are times that you are forced to rely on the smartness in your phone to get you out of situations where your own brain and confidence fail. When you visit or move to a new city, this is bound to happen with alarming frequency: you’re going to need the proper apps to help you on the spot. So if you’re on the brink of relocation or just discovering Barcelona, hit the App Store and start installing!


  • SpanishDict

OK, this one is a no-brainer if your Spanish is not great. There will be times when you’ll be staring at the shelves in a grocery store, wondering what the difference is between this and that canned fish (just what in the world are those weird molluscs that look like baby ears?!). If only you could read the labels! SpanishDict is an easy-to-use app where you just type in whatever you’re looking for, and it’ll tell you even when you’re offline, or provide you with the option of searching online in case it fails to find a result. Now all you need to do is hope that what you had typed in wasn’t actually in Catalan.


  • WhatsApp

In Spain, the text message or SMS as a species has gone extinct. People no longer ask you for your phone number, they ask you for your WhatsApp. Better come to terms with it and download the app: you don’t want to be the weirdo that pays for something that’s free and gets left out of all the legendary group chat laughs. Just make sure you pronounce Whatsapp something like “Guatsapp”.


  • UrbanStep Barcelona

UrbanStep is a handy little app that may save you several precious minutes of travel, especially if you’re an avid Bicing user. The city bike system is a wonderful invention, with some unavoidable flaws: popular pick-up stations get depleted super quickly, and popular drop-off stations fill up way too fast. […]


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