Amsterdam… ik hou van je | Abdullah’s story

Abdullah was working in Dubai when we got in contact with him regarding a back-end position in Amsterdam. He and his wife relocated to The Netherlands over a year ago and you can read all about the process of relocation and tips on life in Amsterdam below.
How was the process of relocating from Dubai to Amsterdam?

It was an easy seamless process, the global mobility team has helped us with everything, from packing our stuff in Dubai, to taking care of their transport, storage and shipment, to delivering them to my newly rented apartment in Amsterdam, to unpacking and assembling the furniture. I don’t think I could have done it alone!

They have also provided us with plane tickets from Dubai to Amsterdam on our own convenience, helped with the excess baggage, arranged for a car to drive us to the hotel, and paid for hotel stay for 3 weeks. And when the time came for us to move to our apartment the company arranged for a car again to take us from the hotel to the apartment, and paid the agency fees for our rental.

This experience was so easy and so clear, and everyone in team was willing to help anytime.

As an expat how much do you feel at home in Amsterdam?

For some people one year might be to early to decide, but not for me, Amsterdam has already taken a big part of my heart! I love this city, I feel that I’m myself here, and that I can spend my whole life in this amazing place… Amsterdam… ik hou van je <3

Are you able to make the most of your spare time? What activities do you like doing in Amsterdam?

This is also another great benefit of living here, because back in Dubai everyone was so into his/her own work that no one had enough time to spare to anything, in 3 years of my life there I had only a one week vacation! But here in Amsterdam I’ve got a lot of spare time, I spend it reading books, I’m a book worm, and biking around the city, taking photos of nature and people, and also going around the country to explore some good places here, I like to travel a lot, I’ve already visited 5 different cities!

What still surprises you about Amsterdam?

Two things:

  1.  The Dutch people, they’re simple, friendly and welcoming.
  2.  The nature, I can’t get enough of looking at all kinds of plants, animals, and insects around Amsterdam. And yeah I like the weather, I don’t know why people might not like this weather 😀

What tips and advice would you give someone who’s moving to Amsterdam?

Relax, and be prepared to live in a city with very old buildings, and very new ones, people will welcome you here. Just keep in mind that you might need a month or more to find an apartment, these things really take a lot of time to find and view.

Oh and bring an umbrella, even in August, you never really know!

Picture: Pixabay

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