From Italy to The Netherlands | Valerio’s story

Valerio was based in Bologna when we contacted him with the opportunity to move abroad and start his international career in Engineering. We helped him to find the perfect match in Eindhoven and he shared with us his experience of relocating and tips on living in The Netherlands. 
How was the process of moving from Italy to The Netherlands? 
It was actually fairly straightforward, I had to stay in a hotel for a few days and I was traveling with just a couple of bags, so I didn’t have any particular problems.
As an expat do you feel well integrated in the city? 
At first it might seem a bit of a mixed bag, most text is going to be in Dutch and it can be confusing. Most people know English though, so it’s just a matter of asking around! Also, there’s plenty of expats and getting to know people is not that hard.
Do you think you can take advantage of your spare time? What activities do you enjoy doing? 
Definitely! It didn’t take me long before I got a bike and started cycling everywhere.
What does still surprise you about Eindhoven? 
The weather! I though I was in for some freezing but, apparently, temperatures over here are not as bad as I expected. It does get windy and rainy often though.
What would you suggest to someone who would be moving to Eindhoven or The Netherlands soon? 
The first priority should be finding a place where to live, so I wouldn’t worry too much about other necessary bureaucracy because you won’t be able to do much until you get a rental agreement. Also, think about getting a bike, you can go virtually anywhere with one here!


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