Kick start your engineering career in Eindhoven | Benoit’s story

We helped Benoit to relocate to Eindhoven to start working as an Embedded Software Engineer in a lead tech company. He only moved recently and these are his first thoughts about relocation and life in The Netherlands.
How was the process of moving from France to The Netherlands? 
I finished my internship a month before moving to Eindhoven, so I had to find a rent really quickly. It took me a week to find things interesting for me and Mickael since we wanted to do flatsharing, then I went to Eindhoven two times in one week. We took a week to think about what I viewed. Finally, the rent process was the longest thing to do, more than a week. So we just moved in on Thursday, and our first day is today.


As an expat do you feel well integrated in the city? 

As I told you we just moved in on Thursday so that’s probably a bit early to say “integrated’. We’ve already find the most important thing : an Irish Pub in the center of the city.

Do you think you can take advantage of your spare time? What activities you like doing? 

I like to practice different sports like jogging, I’ll probably try to find an other sport to practice. Mickael also told me there will be a gym at Prodrive, if that’s true I’ll be there more than once a week 🙂

What does still surprise you about Eindhoven? 

There is absolutely NO signalization on parking areas… I’ve already got two parking tickets.

What would you suggest to someone who would be moving to Eindhoven soon? 
Don’t think about it too tardily, but still take your time to find the perfect rent.
*We found something that could be really interesting and useful for people who’d be moving in Eindhoven. This is an association called The Hub Eindhoven made to help expats to meet new people. There are events almost everyday like game nights, political meetings, cultural meetings… I think this is really good to know, it helps a lot when you know nobody.*

Picture: Benoit Schneider

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