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Java Developer salaries across Europe

Are you a Java developer, thinking about moving somewhere in Europe but when it comes to salary …. you have absolutely no idea? You are not the only one. We are receiving a lot of questions about average salary rates for Java Developers in Europe. As there is a lot of different information available on […]

Product Owner Global Recruitment at recruitment trends

Having worked with Elvira, Product Owner Global Recruitment at, for couple of years now we have decided to take this opportunity to sit down and talk about everything you wanted to know about, recruiting international talent and why to relocate to Amsterdam.    About Elvira:  Working at for almost five years, Elvira started […]

Road to code | Why kids should learn how to code

During my first year at University, I began to start thinking about if and why we should teach kids how to code. Having studied Foreign Languages and Literature with a focus on pedagogy, I had the opportunity to develop my passion for both linguistics and teaching; moreover, a couple of years ago I started working […]