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Tech Recruitment Bootcamp


Nederlia Tech Recruitment and Vibrant Talent Development collaborated to organise the first Tech Recruitment Bootcamp for in-house recruiters and start-up executives who struggle to find the best Tech Talent for their teams.


Course overview:

Recruiting Tech Talent has become an essential need for every business and it’s proving to be the most challenging task in everyday recruitment. This workshop will explore some of the methods of how to attract, recruit and maintain Tech Talent. 


Who is it for?

The one day Recruitment Bootcamp is targeted at in-house recruiters or start-up executives who have trouble to attract, hire and retain Technical profiles.


Workshop discussion topics:

  • Health check on current recruiting practices

We’ll assess the impact of talent acquisition activities and this is the point where we’ll discuss measures for success beyond ability to fill the role.


  • The 7 key stages of the recruitment cycle

The recruitment cycle is a model for ensuring best practice throughout the full recruiting process.

Stages are as follows: 

  1. Request for role – the steps in place to ensure when a request is made for a new member of staff that we have assessed there is a real need and a job analysis has been completed. The job analysis process identifies the key competencies of the role and these are what should then be used for short-listing criteria and designing selection activities (e.g. interview questions and their scoring criteria) 
  2. Planning – arranging the logistics of the selection process e.g. recruiters, interview rooms, even training of personnel who will be involved if need be.
  3. Sourcing – how and where to source talent for different roles. We’ll also look at the difference between active and passive job-seekers and how we should adapt for each.
  4. Pre-screening – the purpose of short-listing, how we should short-list, what criteria we should short-list by, who should do the short-listing
  5. Selection – what assessment activities are available to us and should be used to identify the top talent, why interviews are unreliable on their own, types of interview and how to create interview questions, designing scoring criteria, how to get the best from candidates and why this matters.
  6. Communication – the importance of and impact of communication both internally and with candidates on your companies ability to attract the best talent.
  7. Evaluation – how to evaluate the success of your recruitment campaign.


  • New developments in the field

How recruitment is changing – new technologies and platforms

The shift from employer driven to candidate driven markets and why this matters

Understanding talent branding, its impact and how to improve it



  • Craig Thompson, Director at Vibrant Talent Development, built the Training & Recruitment department of BBC Audience Services. Award winning Recruitment & Training professional. 


  • Claude Loeffen, Founder of Nederlia Tech Recruitment, 10 years of experience in the field filling hundreds of Tech positions in Tech and Start-up companies. 



  • English



  • Nederlia Office, Plaza Tetuan 40-41, planta 2 oficina 35 bis, 08010 Barcelona.



  • Wednesday 11th of May 2016  


The fee for this workshop is 150€ + IVA


Course info & Bookings: 

Please contact us with your contact details on  and with a subject line: Tech Recruitment Bootcamp or call us: +34/ 933 157 775


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