Why should a Java Developer relocate to Manchester for his next job?

Tomasz was living and working in Cracow, Poland when we spoke about the possibility of moving to Manchester. It was a big move for him, but he did it and is really enjoying life in the North of the UK and working as a Java Developer. Read his story and his tips on life in the UK here:


How was the process of moving from Poland to the UK? 

From my perspective the process was very quick. In two weeks I had sorted all my issues in Poland  and I had organized my trip. I have bought tickets, I had rented temporary flat for one week in Manchester and I spent my rest free time with my friends.


As an expat how much do you feel at home in the city of Manchester? 

When I had arrived to Manchester I unpacked myself and I was looking for permanent room to rent and base things like National Insurance Number, bank account etc. In one week I found new flat with very nice and helpful flatmates and in next week I was ready to start my new job.


Are you able to make the most of your spare time? What activities do you like doing in Manchester? 

I feel great in Manchester. City is beautifully with a lot of great and funny people. When I have got a free time, I explore the city and spend my time with my new friends.


What still surprises you about Manchester?

I am from Poland where we drive our cars on the right side of the road and still surprise me how people can change gears using left hand 🙂


What tips and advice would you give someone who’s moving to the UK?

My best advice to new people moving to Manchester is to be brave and believe in yourself.



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