Create a best-in-class hiring process

Measure- and improve the Candidate Experience

Sales teams try to understand every aspect of how their customers think and feel so they can cater to their needs to increase sales.

The most successful Talent Acquisition teams out there have adopted this way of thinking and have applied it to their hiring process. They adjusted their recruiting process based on the feedback they received from their candidates, which resulted in a world-class Candidate Experience.

With this approach, they:

  • Save money on candidate sourcing- and advertising
  • See a significant drop in the number of candidates that withdraw from the process or reject offers (time-to-hire)
  • Manage to create an employer brand that attracts the strongest talent
  • Prevent candidates from taking their product purchases and relationships elsewhere (which would have resulted in significant losses over time of bottom-line revenue).

The 2021 Key to Hiring Success

Learn from your candidates 

These 5 steps, as illustrated in the image, are the basis of a continuous
improvement process.

  • Generate real candidate insights
  • Show solid data to your hiring team
  • Prioritise the adjustment to your hiring process that has the most impact on your candidate
  • Measures the impact of the adjustments that you make to your hiring process

We have done the work for you already

We have automated this process for you and the solution is ready-to-use Creating- and executing such a data-driven process could be complicated and a time-consuming exercise. We understand that you will be super busy with a million things that come with scaling teams.

The solution will run automatically in the background for you. Checking the results once a week is all that is needed.

Our solution is fully GDPR compliant and works easily together with your ATS.

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