Be part of our mission to improve Candidate Experience across the globe

Our brand new Feedback & Referral Platform

< What is this mission about? >

After many years of working in a tough recruitment market and speaking to thousands of candidates, we are well aware that there is a room for improvement when it comes to Candidate Experience.

Therefor we have started building an online platform that will help companies gain valuable insights on their recruitment process.

After months of development we are ready to launch the BETA version. In order to make this platform as useful as possible we would like to include a small number of companies in further developing it (before opening it up to the world).

< What is in it for you? >

  • Start using our new platform for free and gain new insights on your recruitment process straight away.
  • Get real feedback from candidates on your recruitment process within days.
  • Convince (Hiring) Managers with backing up your suggestions with actionable data.
  • Receive more free candidate referrals for your hard to fill positions.
  • Learn everything about Candidate Experience.
  • Spend less time and money on sourcing candidates by improving your “interview-to-hire” conversion rates.

< What is in it for us? >

  • We would like to learn from your feedback on the use of the platform, so that we can build it in a way that you will get most value out of it.

It is a fact that better Candidate Experience leads to more- and better hires.

< Do you want to be part of the mission? >

Are you a Talent Acquisition Manager, Recruitment Manager, HR Manager or Recruitment Expert and you want to be part of building a platform that will fix the ” Bad Candidate Experience” problem?

All you need to do is use our new platform for free and share your feedback/ insights with us.

Drop us a message, by filling in the form below, and I will reach out to you shortly to explain in more detail and give you free access to the platform.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.

Claude Loeffen