How to interview engineers if you don’t have a technical background

tips for technical interviews - how to interview engineers if you don’t have a technical background

“Building an amazing tech team is easy”, said no one, ever. If you’re part of an HR team in a growing start-up or early stage businesses, you might not have a specialist tech recruiter. What should you do if a technical interview comes your way? You don’t have a technical background. You might not know […]

How we’re processing and storing your data under the GDPR

How we're processing your data under the GDPR

Drum roll please… We’re GDPR (Giant Data Pain in the Rear-end) compliant! There have been highs, lows, deletions and even a brand new website, but after several late nights and a worrying amount of abbreviation-related jokes, we are very happy to announce that we’ve been GDPR’d. As a tech recruitment company, we process a lot […]

The only candidate experience KPIs you need to measure

candidate experience KPIs

Experience is a tricky thing to measure. It’s subjective, it’s hard to quantify, and the memory of it fades with time (or with alcohol). But candidate experience should be at the forefront of everything we do as recruiters. Experience might not be as easy to calculate as the number of CVs sent, or as financially […]

How to hire more women in tech: Improve candidate experience

hire more women in tech: improve candidate experience

Women in tech are like gold dust: hard to find and incredibly valuable! Recruiters and HR managers should therefore be doing everything they can to encourage female candidate to apply for new roles, stick with the recruitment process and accept Europe’s best tech jobs. We spoke to 74 women working in tech, and only 19.3% thought recruitment […]

How to get feedback from candidates – and why you should

We all know how important it is to get feedback from candidates. What remains a mystery is how to get it, what it all means and how to use it. Getting feedback from candidates sometimes feels like wringing a sponge that’s already been drying in the sun. They don’t have time, they’re not motivated and, […]

VR: the candidate engagement game-changer?

Virtual reality is becoming part of HR teams’ candidate engagement toolkits. After years of shuffling slowly into the recruitment industry, it looks like 2017 might finally be the year of VR in candidate engagement.  We know what you’re thinking: “another year, another wave of “this is the year of VR” predictions.” And isn’t it really expensive? And […]

Do your candidates have the 10 soft skills developers need to succeed?

soft skills developers need to succeed

Coding isn’t everything. Wait, what? An overflowing GitHub repository and perfect fluency in frontend and backend languages is sought-after by startups. But so is being able to work in a team, focus on multiple projects and communicate feedback to a bunch of non-technical clients. Regardless of whether a developer speaks PHP or Ruby, all developers need […]