how to evaluate a developer's technical skills

3 tips to quickly evaluate a developer’s CV

It’s pretty easy to get an overview of a candidate’s background and experience. Analysing their CV and LinkedIn profile will give you most of the hints you need. But evaluating their technical skills is more challenging, especially if you don’t have a technical background. How can you evaluate a developer’s CV if you don’t know […]

Recruitment, are our expectations realistic?

Recently I have written a post about why candidates were getting frustrated and I noticed it sparked some interesting conversation. It triggered me to think about this topic in even more detail and I started to get the feeling that the expectations that we have about recruiters might not always be realistic.   Why is […]

Recruitment, why are candidates getting frustrated?

Often I read posts on Linkedin of people who complain about how they get approached by recruiters. “I receive impersonal messages, they have not taken their time to look at my profile” and “they have absolutely no idea about technology” are just some of the negative comments you see on a daily basis. I have […]