Six simple steps to sourcing strategy success!

Six step sourcing strategy

It’s becoming harder and harder to find tech talent, and as tech companies want to hire candidates immediately, it is tempting to dive head first into sourcing without taking the time to set up a strategy. When it comes to chocolate (or wine!), the Nederlia team are useless at resisting temptation… but we’re actually pretty […]

5 recruitment marketing campaigns for tech companies that really work

recruitment marketing campaigns

The term “recruitment marketing” quickly became the recruitment industry’s favourite catchphrase back in 2016. But in reality it’s something all good tech companies have been doing for years. From free smoothies to slides in the office, startups have gained a reputation for inventing weird and wacky ways to attract the world’s best developers. As the […]

5 ways technical recruitment agencies add value to your sourcing process

5 ways recruitment agencies add value

No matter how well run your HR team and internal recruitment processes, there is always a little wiggle room for improvement. Obviously we’re biased (!) but recruitment agencies really can add value at every stage of the sourcing and application process. Of course it depends who you work with, but the best agencies are invisible. […]

Example interview questions to assess developers’ soft skills

interview questions to assess soft skills

In a recent blog post, we asked our resident TechSpotters what soft skills developers literally can’t survive without in e-commerce. But how can you know whether or not your candidates have them? Soft skills are notoriously hard to assess during the application process, but they can be the difference between a happy hire and a […]

Stop these 7 hiring mistakes if you want to build your e-commerce tech team

Hiring mistakes ecommerce

When you started your recruitment career, you probably imagined you’d be the one rejecting candidates. Unfortunately in a tough tech market, more often than not it’s the other way around. Recruitment and HR teams across Europe are in competition for the best candidates, which is making it tougher for recruiters and HR managers. But that […]

6 soft skills your software developers need to survive in e-commerce

soft skills software developers need in ecommerce

Can code blindfolded: tick! Absorbs new programming languages at the speed of light: tick! Has experience leading a team: tick! Uses the right languages, frameworks and IDEs: tick! Think you’ve found the perfect e-commerce developer? Unfortunately, you’re only halfway there. In competitive, fast-moving, innovative sectors, software developers also need a bunch of soft skills in […]

Why e-commerce developers are like aliens

e-commerce developers are like aliens

E-commerce developers are like aliens. We’ve heard they exist. People claim to have seen them. But they’re impossible to find. We’ve spent the last few years on the Tech Spotting trail and we’ve managed to spot some (e-commerce developers, not aliens). We’ve even documented what they look like so you can spot them too. What […]