hire more women in tech: change startup culture

Hire more women in tech: Support the next generation

s part of our #pressforprogress campaign, we asked 74 women in tech about their personal experiences in the industry and what – if anything – needs to change. What’s clear from the research is that women are not taking up tech opportunities at school, not choosing computer science as a degree and dropping out long before […]
hire more women in tech

Hire more women in tech: What the industry had to say

“I grew up around computers because of my dad. I remember playing games on his Amiga as a toddler, and he got his first PC when I was 5 so I learned to install and set up all my own games. Throughout my childhood I was better than any of the boys at using computers […]

Why you need to move from recruitment to talent acquisition

Recruitment is changing. The industry is moving from a reactive, responsive sourcing mix to proactive candidate engagement. As a result, companies need to know what they can do to nurture their databases and keep potential candidates engaged. Recruiters and HR managers in tech startups can’t rely solely on job boards, Boolean searches and Linkedin anymore. […]
sourcing superpowers that would change tech recruitment forever

6 sourcing superpowers that would change tech recruitment forever

A pipeline stuffed full of coding geniuses is every tech recruiter’s dream. Of course there are technologies, communities and networks we can use to find the ideal candidate, but what we’re really missing are some sourcing superpowers. We love recruitment. But we also love playing Mario Kart. And with these six sourcing superpowers, we’d be […]

How tech will change passive recruitment in 2018

Nursing our New Year’s Eve hangovers and regretting the eight tonnes of chocolate we ate over Christmas, we struggled in to work this morning with slight headaches, giant extra-hot extra-strong coffees and really, really tight jeans. Opening our emails, we found thousands of applications from active candidates who speak fourteen languages, are the perfect cultural […]

What Do You Need To Know About Java Developers When Hiring

The war to hire the best coders is getting fiercer, with everyone looking for the right developer. Finding the best talent is undoubtedly a challenge. This is what my experience with the hiring industry says. Coding is critical to building mobile apps, keeping critical apps on the cutting edge, and redesigning the user experience on […]