6 reasons making a job offer is just like delivering a pizza

Making a job offer is exactly like delivering a pizza. Sure, it’s 5pm and we’re starving. But hear us out. After a little research (and obviously not enough food), we’ve come to the conclusion that a good job offer is exactly like a good pizza: hot, fresh and straight out the oven. It needs to […]

Why you should be actively recruiting in December

Christmas is finally here! Well, almost.   The run up to Christmas is a little strange in Barcelona. Sure, they have Christmas lights and advent calendars. But they also have small logs called Caga Tios (look them up immediately if you’ve never heard of them) and hilarious New Year’s Eve traditions involving 12 grapes (look that up […]
10 things you didn't know about the EU Blue Card

10 things you didn’t know about the EU Blue Card

The EU Blue Card is the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to hire non-EU developers, designers, programmers and IT specialists in Germany. You probably know that already. But did you know developers only need to hold the visa for 21 months before qualifying for permanent residency, if they speak B1 level German? If you want to learn more […]

How to make the perfect job offer in 5 simple steps

 “I don’t have time to work anymore – I’m too busy analysing the Star Wars trailers. Do you know who The Last Jedi is?”   “Sorry I was on the phone to Shield… I’m going to be spending the next 6 months in a top secret mission with the Avengers.”   “….ring, ring….. ring, ring….. ring, ring……”   […]

e-book: ultimate guide to hiring non-EU developers in Germany

The EU-wide skills shortage has massively increased competition for the best candidates, so it’s becoming a real challenge for German companies to find and hire tech talent.  The economic research institute Prognos estimates a 3 million shortage of skilled workers in Germany by 2030.      What if we told you there is a speedy and […]