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  • <Build a remote Development team/>

  • <Hire Freelance Developers/>

No matter how many developers you need or where you’re based, we will use the Force our global networks and tech recruitment expertise to find, hire and relocate your missing team members.

    Need 34 PHP developers and a DevOps team who were personally trained by Yoda?
    Problem it is not.

    Looking for a technical recruitment team who can explain C++ and C# in Klingon?
    We could do it in our sleep.

    Only want to hire Java developers who are Mario Kart fans with overflowing GitHub repositories?
    We’ve got that covered.


    It has been a real pleasure working with Nederlia. From the beginning, they got to know our culture and the way we work. We filled three vacancies in our tech team in two months, which we consider a huge success! Their efficiency and professionalism has been outstanding.

    Cristina Sanahuja

    Wallapop (Barcelona)
    Thank you Nederlia for supporting us with the recruitment of a key technical position. We would recommend Nederlia for their incredibly hands-on, effective and professional way of finding tech talent and are happy with the result!

    Thomas Roggendorf

    Ofertia (Barcelona)
    Nederlia placed 20 software engineers at Rocket Internet in less than 11 months. We were happy with the process, the placements and enjoyed working with the recruitment team on a personal level.

    Konstanze Reith

    Rocket Internet (Berlin)
    We are more than happy about our collaboration with Nederlia. Before we started working together, I couldn't have imagined such a smooth process - thanks to you guys for your technical recruitment activities!

    Anne Seebach

    Wooga (Berlin)
    Nederlia has done a great job in hiring many of our new employees, by headhunting them from all over the world. From developers to designers to production/infrastructure engineers - they find out what is important for the company and for the candidate. Nederlia is a very successful and reliable partner when it comes to recruiting tech and IT talent

    Elvira Dijksman (Amsterdam)
    Nederlia rapidly proved themselves to be a trusted partner. The team genuinely cares, both about the client and the candidate experience, plus their technical knowledge of the skills they recruit for is excellent. I knew that our vacancies were in safe hands with the Nederlia team.

    Joanna Hoddinott

    e-dreams ODIGEO (Barcelona)