Ruby on Rails Developer

(Remote position)


Ruby on Rails Developer (remote)

Hi there,

Nice to meet you!

You are most likely here because we have reach out to you directly.


Given your solid background in Software Development and Ruby/RoR we are very interested to inform you about a new position at  Jobandtalent

(the 10th fastest growing company in Europe currently according to the Financial Times)


Please keep reading for more information (incl salary indication).


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Claude Loeffen

Nederlia (Tech career specialists)


Jobandtalent is the world’s leading digital job marketplace. Their on-demand staffing platform aims to tear down all the barriers to job search and hiring.
They have served over 10 million job seekers and 150K businesses across 6 countries in Europe and the Americas, and have ambitious plans for further expansion.
Founded in 2009, Jobandtalent has raised $370 million to date

At Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent is a product-oriented company with a clear focus on engineering.

As much as possible is automated and you really feel that developer happiness is important.

You will work on a codebase that is huge, but clean.

It is well tested and it shows that really good developers have worked on it for a long time.


You will work with a team of experienced Engineers.

And through training and regular 1-on-1 sessions, receive the knowledge and feedback to achieve personal development goals.

You will not feel isolated, as a significant part of the team works fully remote from different countries.

The infrastructure, communication and team collaborations are well adjusted to the remote way of working.

You will be employed directly by Jobandtalent. 

(no agency in between).



What's in it for you:

Salary indication:

UP TO € 8.200 p/m

Salary offers depend on experience and level of seniority.

Stable freelance contract directly with Jobandtalent

Opportunity to be eligible for Employee Stock Plan

Discount on Health insurance

Paid holiday days

A yearly budget for self-learning and conferences

Tech stack:

  • Our current more common stack is Rails 6.0 with Postgresql as RDBS, RabbitMQ as message bus provider, and Redis with sidekiq for async processing.
  • But you will be able to code in different Rails versions, Elixir and Javascript with React.
  • All our services are containerized with docker and all our real production platform is simulated in development using this technology




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We understand that you might not be actively looking to change jobs.

But maybe comparing this career opportunity to your current position can turn out beneficial for you?

We are very happy to inform you in more detail. 
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