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We understand that startup hiring is very different from hiring for large firms and that, apart from skills, a cultural fit is key.

In the last 10+ years we have built a name of trust in the European Startup world. Having successfully partnered with Europe’s top digital product companies like Booking.com, Spotify and Skyscanner we understand growth and the need for strong leaders.

For our startup clients we focus on headhunting CTO´s, VP´s of Engineering, Engineering Managers and other leadership professionals that will guide your business to successful growth.

The core positions we fill






Engineering Director

Product Director

VP of Engineering

Head of Design

Head of Infrastructure


Case Study


Placing a CTO

We thank Claude and his team at Nederlia for supporting us with the recruiting of a key technical position. We enjoyed Nederlia´s incredibly hands-on, effective and professional way of finding tech talent and are happy about the result! We look forward to continuing our collaboration!

Thomas Roggendorf- Co Founder and Co CEO at Ofertia


Hire a CTO for Ofertia
(Barcelona HQ)


Ofertia is a startup that bridges
the gap between the online and
offline shopping worlds and was
successfully acquired by
MediaPost Group in late 2019.


7 candidates presented, 2 final interviews, 1 hire We placed a CTO, with 14 years experience, moving from Berlin to Barcelona.

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