how to find and hire developers

How to find and hire e-commerce developers

Download our free e-book and discover what an “ideal” e-commerce or travel tech developer looks like, the 5 key skills all successful developers have - and the exact steps you need to need to take to find and hire them!

From profiles and interview questions to expert tips and tricks, this guide will arm you with with everything you need to find tech talent and start building your tech team.

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    Tell me more! How do I find and hire e-commerce developers?

    For e-commerce and travel tech companies, you need developers with top programming skills and in-depth technical knowledge, but they also need to have the personality fit, soft skills and work ethic to thrive in agile, innovative, competitive sectors - and that can be difficult to spot.

    It’s no longer enough to strap on your tech-escope, head out on a night-time developer spotting expedition and hope to stumble across an e-commerce enthusiast. E-commerce and travel tech companies now need to set long term hiring strategies and uncover new talent pools. But most importantly, HR managers and recruiters need to be sure they’re looking for the right people.

    In this e-book, you’ll find out what makes a developer a good “culture fit”. Plus we’ll tell you what the five must-have e-commerce skills are, and how to spot them. Then we'll show you what steps you need to take to hire your tech dream team.

    What’s inside?!

    • Skills and traits e-commerce developers need to be successful
    • Why "culture fit" is so important for e-commerce
    • How to know whether a developer has scaled a product
    • Why developers need to be data enthusiasts
    • What the perfect travel tech developer looks like
    • How to find agile programmers
    • Which soft skills developers need - and how to spot them
    • What commercial awareness means and why your developers should have it

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Great question. Initially we thought it was because they were aliens, but after further research we realised it's because they're in such high demand. There is a giant tech shortage in Europe, so companies are all competing for the same talent. As a result, it's getting harder and harder to find and hire great e-commerce and travel tech developers.
    It's a method that we call Tech Spotting. There are actually very few fully-qualified TechSpotters in the world, but you've managed to find some. Lucky you! We specialise in spotting tech talent - and we've stuffed this e-book full of Tech Spotting knowledge and expert insight, so you can start spotting them too.
    You'll have to download our e-book to find out! We've shared all sorts of useful hiring info - from what an ideal e-commerce / travel tech developer looks like to where to find them and how to check they have the right skills and experience.
    Absolutely! We take a wide range of measures to protect your data and never share it with third parties. Take a look at our Privacy Policy or send us an email if you need any more information.

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