how we find ecommerce developers

How we find e-commerce developers for you to hire

We're going to let you in to our deepest, darkest TechSpotting secrets. We've filled the tech teams at companies like, Spotify and SkyScanner - and we're going to tell you exactly how we've done it.

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    Tell me more! How do you find developers?

    E-commerce and travel tech developers need a very specific set of skills. They need to be data-driven, commercially aware and have experience building iteratively. They also need to be innovative, collaborative and great communicators.

    It’s not always easy to find them, but with the right Tech Spotting equipment, global networks and a deep knowledge of the e-commerce and travel tech sector, it can be done.

    Over the last five years, we’ve placed 202 developers at e-commerce and travel tech startups. So we have a pretty good idea of what the ideal developer looks like - and how to find them.

    Download our free e-book and discover some of our biggest TechSpotting secrets, the steps we take to find and hire the world’s best developers, and how we work with companies to make sure the candidates we place are a perfect culture fit.

    You’ll also see how it works in practice, as we’ve included a bunch of recent case studies. Download your TechSpotting guide and find out how we filled the tech teams at companies like Skyscanner, eDreams and

    What’s inside?!

    • Our deepest, darkest Tech Spotting secrets
    • All the steps we take to find e-commerce and travel tech developers
    • Why we're different from other recruitment agencies
    • Everything you need to know to start working with us
    • Expert hiring tips and tricks
    • How we placed 49 developers at in just one year
    • How we placed 62 developers, designers and Agile Coaches at eDreams
    • ...and more!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You'll have to download the e-book to find out! Obviously our sourcing and recruiting strategies change depending on the company, product and tech stack, but we have some tried and tested techniques and steps we want to share with you.
    Since Nederlia was formed in 2015, we've worked with tons of ecommerce companies and travel tech startups! From Spotify to Wallapop to MyTaxi, we've filled the tech teams of companies in Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin and Stockholm. Download our e-book to find out how we've done it.
    Absolutely! We take a wide range of measures to protect your data and never share it with third parties. Take a look at our Privacy Policy or send us an email if you need any more information.

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