How to use data to find and hire developers (data for dummies)

how to use data to find and hire developers

As a recruiter, you’re in a privileged position. Data is worth its weight in gold, and you have a treasure trove that’s as full as Jemaine Clement’s “Shiny” crab cave. (If the metaphor has confused you, watch Moana immediately).  As long as you’ve obtained the data legally and gained the candidates’ consent (yes, we’re talking […]

Struggling to retain new developers? These data-driven tips should help

tips to help you retain new developers

Hallelujah, you’ve finally hired the right candidate. They’re a great cultural fit, have exactly the right experience, negotiated for a higher salary (and got it!) and seem to be enjoying the role. They possess all the traits that mark the perfect startup hire. Now all you have to do is retain them. Easy, right? If […]