Alexa, find me a developer! How is voice search used in recruitment?

voice search in recruitment

Imagine searching for your next candidate on a smart speaker. You wouldn’t even have to lift your finger to type your search into Google. In fact, you could probably shout the command from your bath…   Alexa, find me a Spanish DevOps engineer with 5 years experience and code that’s cleaner than this bath tub […]

How to hire developers from the Balkans

Shock news alert number 1: not all developers are the same. (Even if IT Crowd and Silicon Valley try to convince you otherwise). Shock news alert number 2: a developer from the Balkans won’t necessarily have the same reasons to relocate as someone from London, the U.S. or Turkey.   Your hiring strategy should change depending […]

6 sourcing superpowers that would change tech recruitment forever

sourcing superpowers that would change tech recruitment forever

A pipeline stuffed full of coding geniuses is every tech recruiter’s dream. Of course there are technologies, communities and networks we can use to find the ideal candidate, but what we’re really missing are some sourcing superpowers. We love recruitment. But we also love playing Mario Kart. And with these six sourcing superpowers, we’d be […]