Hire women in tech: change startup culture

hire more women in tech - changing startup culture

“I’ve gone to meetups and networking events that at times felt more like a frat party than a gathering of like-minded techies.” June Sugiyama, Director of the Vodafone Americas Foundation.    The call for International Women’s Day 2018 was “to motivate and unite friends, colleagues and whole communities to think, act and be gender inclusive.” […]

Hire more women in tech: Support the next generation

hire more women in tech: change startup culture

s part of our #pressforprogress campaign, we asked 74 women in tech about their personal experiences in the industry and what – if anything – needs to change. What’s clear from the research is that women are not taking up tech opportunities at school, not choosing computer science as a degree and dropping out long before […]

Hire more women in tech: Why we’re all responsible

In 2018, over 100 years since the first Women’s Day was held in New York, women in a majority of countries can vote, open a bank account, serve on a jury, apply for loans and even “spend their own money in a pub” (U.K. law, 1982). They also have the right to equal opportunity and equal […]