Full Stack Developer

If you’re an avid traveller and you’d be happy to use your kickass skills to help others book trips quickly and easily, this Full Stack Developer position is for you. Work at a huge traveltech company in a city that’s a perfect combination of travel and tech: Barcelona is not only the fifth most popular travel destination in Europe, but also an emerging tech hub!


What your friends think you do:

Browse travel deals, plan your next vacay and check dream destinations off your bucket list. Also mess with the code sometimes.


What you actually do:

  • Make travelling simple for more than 18 million customers by designing and developing new features to ensure top-notch performance, reliability, scalability and security

  • Spend your weekends drinking beer on the beach (and not wanting to travel anywhere because you’re already in the most beautiful place ever)


Great if you:

  • Speak English, Javascript, HTML5 & CSS3 and Java (not a problem if you have a slight accent)

  • Have experience developing large apps with Backbone.js or another client-side MVC/MV* framework (Angular, Ember, knockout, etc)


Even better if you:

  • Have experience working in an agile environment


What’s in it for you:

  • Your work will make 18 million travellers in over 40 countries happy

  • You get every single Friday afternoon off so you can head down to the beach (or a bar)

  • You’ll be a true VIP with awesome discounts on: travel (of course), gym membership, health insurance, restaurants and local shops

  • You can get healthy and balanced with free in-house Yoga classes

  • Don’t speak Spanish? No problem, take free lessons so you can live life to the fullest in the city


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