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Executive Search for Tech Companies

Work with executive headhunters specialised in top-level technology search for companies in various tech sectors, from fintech to cleantech. Our boutique technology executive search firm helps you find and hire senior leaders who match your company culture and business growth goals.

Succeed With a Trusted Recruitment Partner

Being tasked with an executive search can be nerve-racking. There’s overwhelming pressure to deliver the perfect tech leader from an exhausted talent pool – and hiring the wrong person is a huge setback. Put your mind at ease and your search in our hands. With 20+ years’ experience, we can help you succeed without the stress. 

Hire The Perfect Technology Executive - Without the Panic

High-level tech hiring doesn’t have to be anxiety-ridden, risky or resource-draining. With Nederlia, you can onboard C-suite, Director, VP and Board-level talent with less stress and a greater return on your investment. We work with firms across Europe and the UK, from Berlin, Amsterdam, and Barcelona to London and beyond.

Get Strategic Advice

Our approach extends far beyond sourcing the right candidate. Pass the intricacies of making critical hires onto us so you can rest easy. We provide you with market insights and talent availability analysis, salary benchmarking advice, candidate feedback, new talent pool discovery and more.

Attract & Hire Culturally Fit Candidates

Finding top-performing tech leaders who can create a sustainable business foundation is daunting. Rely on us to connect you with candidates possessing not just the required skills, but also experience in your funding or growth stage and strategic vision to help achieve business results. 

Keep Outreach & Selection Confidential

Discretion is key when hiring critical leadership talent like CEO or Managing Director. Whether you’re about to raise another round of funding or looking to replace a current tech leader, you can count on us to keep outreach under wraps thanks to our discreet approach. 

Lead With Diversity & Inclusion

We have a proven track record in hiring diverse candidates for crucial leadership roles and understand the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion in your next tech executive hire. Our international executive search firm can cater to your specific needs and help make your hiring practises inclusive.

Communicate For Success

A successful tech and startup executive search requires open communication from the start. Receive regular (weekly or bimonthly) updates where we share market information, progress reports, candidate feedback and more to keep you in the loop with transparent and worry-free consultation. 

Enjoy Solution-Focused Support

We encourage you to share challenges and bottlenecks with us. Thanks to our market knowledge and experience in executive recruitment, we can help you and your C-suite find the solutions needed to move forward with your strategic tech hires more smoothly. 

Our process

We work as an extension of your team because we know hiring the right executive talent is critical to your tech company’s success. Our proven executive headhunting framework engages senior and C-level technology candidates who match your company culture. Here’s how we find your next high-profile executive hire:


We help you define your executive role and benchmark salaries, tailoring them to your startup's unique needs. This ensures you attract candidates who are not only a cultural fit but also primed for the challenges and pace of your business.


We conduct a deep-dive meeting to understand the executive role, organisational context, and candidate qualifications. We then set regular follow-up dates and create bespoke sourcing and selection strategies based on your specific needs.


We use data-driven methods to identify potential candidates from a global network. We then share sample profiles of the types of passive candidates we would approach to ensure we’re on the same page.


We create tailor-made content for each candidate so they have a professional first impression of your company and a strong sense of your employer brand. We understand the importance of confidentiality. Outreach is always discreet.


We screen and select candidates through expert-led video calls or in-person meetings.


We provide detailed summaries of each potential candidate to facilitate your selection. We then organise the interviews for you.


We collect and share post-interview feedback with you and the candidates.


We negotiate and extend offers on your behalf. We can also assist candidates with relocation and provide post-placement care.

Client Success Stories

Chief Information Security Officer


Hire a CISO for Jobandtalent, a series E funded startup.


Jobandtalent is a leading jobs marketplace and one of the fastest-growing scale-up companies in Europe. Jobandtalent has raised $1.3 billion to date.


7 candidates presented, 3 final interviews, 1 hire. In less than 60 days, Nederlia placed a CISO working remotely from the UK.

"Nederlia’s expert advice was invaluable at every stage: from candidate shortlist all the way through to making the final offer. Throughout the process, they adapted particularly well to our way of working and we managed to synchronize beyond expectations. We will 100% work with Nederlia again and would thoroughly recommend partnering with them to hire Executive Leaders who’ll make a real impact"
Ramón Egea Hernansanz
Head of Tech Talent Acquisition at Jobandtalent

Chief Product Officer


Hire a CPO for Bikemap, a series A funded startup. Deliver a diverse shortlist of candidates.


Bikemap provides community-generated cycling maps and navigation services on a global scale to millions of users across the world.


10 candidates presented: 6 male and 4 female (from 7 different nationalities). Hired a female candidate.

Chief Technology Officer


Hire a CTO for Ofertia, a private equity startup. Deliver EU-based candidates.


Ofertia is a digital platform for brochures and catalogues that bridges the gap between the online and offline shopping worlds.


Hired a CTO.

Sales Director


Hire a Sales Director for Verto FX, a series A funded fintech startup.


Verto FX is a global B2B payments solution that helps businesses send money to anyone, anywhere.


Hired a London-based Sales Director within 30 days.

Managing Director


Hire 2 Managing Directors for Svea Solar in Germany and Spain.


Svea Solar is a leading solar company powering a shift to sustainable energy consumption.


Hired a Managing Director in Germany and in Spain.

Start your technology executive search with experts who care

Our tried-and-tested approach can make your next technology executive search stress-free yet impactful. Draw on our tech, startup and scale-up expertise, human yet solutions-focused approach, market knowledge, and confidentiality to make your next critical tech hire with confidence.

Looking for your next technology leader?


What are the first steps of the technology executive search process?

Before starting the search, we make a point of understanding your company culture, growth stage and other contextual details. This allows us to advise you on what talent pools to target and identify what type of candidate would be a good fit. We also dive into the details of the role you’re looking to fill, from the skills and experience you require to the characteristics of your ideal hire. Then, we set expectations, discuss timelines and address any questions you may have.

Do you help with salary benchmarking and building a competitive salary package?

Yes. We understand that executive-level salary packages are highly complex and can involve many different forms of compensation, from stock options to signing bonuses. Using our knowledge of the market, we can offer advice and guidance to help you construct a competitive package and attract senior-level talent.

Do you help with defining a job description?

Yes. If you don’t have a job description at the start of the search process, we help you build one from scratch. What’s more, in our experience, job descriptions often evolve throughout the recruitment process. As a result, we help you dynamically adjust your job description as you learn more about your company’s needs and the role you’re hiring for.

What industries or sectors do you specialise in?

We specialise in early-stage startups (up to series A) located in European tech and startup hubs. For example, we recently worked with a greentech startup with offices in Cologne and Madrid and a fintech startup headquartered in London. See our case studies for more.

What functions do you specialise in?

Our team has functional expertise across key functions including technology/digital and product, finance, operations, sales, marketing and HR. Reach out to discuss your unique needs.

How do you assess potential candidates to make sure they are a good fit?

We have a tried-and-true system we use in every interview to assess a candidate's skills. In short, we ask them behavioral questions to get a sense of how they have acted in real-life situations. We ask them about relevant hypothetical business challenges, and look closely at their past achievements and roles, assessing their career trajectory. We also dig into their conflict resolution and leadership/management skills.

Do you offer any additional support or consultancy post-hire?

Yes. We keep in touch with candidates once they have been hired and onboarded. This allows us to address any concerns at an early stage if expectations are not being met.