Why I joined Jobandtalent as a remote Ruby Developer

To get a realistic idea of what it is like to work remotely in the rapidly-growing Jobandtalent Engineering teams, we asked 2 experienced Ruby Developers about their personal experience


Alecs is from Romania and joined 4 months ago, while Leszek from Poland has been working at Jobandtalent for over 8 months now. Both work fully remotely.



Were you searching for a new job when you first got contacted?


I was not actively looking for a new job at the time. I was just keeping my options open when I first received a message from Jobandtalent.
Why not compare this position to my current job I thought, I have not much to lose really.


At the time I first got in contact with Jobandtalent I was looking for a new challenge. I worked for a small company and wanted to work in a bigger, more international environment with a more experienced team.





What made you decide to consider this specific job opportunity?


I was not familiar with Jobandtalent yet, but it positively surprised me how big and well established it was when I read more about the company. They really act on a large international scale.


The other important thing that stood out to me was that a large part of the development team works remotely. In my previous company, I was the only one working remotely, which made me feel I was “the odd one out”.


I used to work for different clients through an agency and decided that I wanted to work on a real product directly where I can have an impact.





Remote working challenges

Although I work remotely by choice, I do miss the office life sometimes.
Luckily I do have a lot of contact with my colleagues through Slack and online calls. We are also invited to come to the HQ in Madrid every 3-4 months



Any initial doubts before applying?


Initially, my main doubt was the fact that the HQ was based in Madrid. I was afraid that I would be the only non-Spanish person in the team. Quickly I learned that this was not the case, quite the opposite actually. I work with colleagues from Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece and several other countries.


Secondly, Jobandtalent is a larger organisation operating in different markets, which made me fear that my remote onboarding would be difficult. But from the start, the team has been very helpful and supportive in getting me up and running. We also develop in pairs, which I really enjoy, and we have access to videos and written documentation.

How are your chances to grow within the company?

As the company is growing really fast there are a lot of new positions

Work environment and culture


My colleagues are very open and eager to help. We use group slack and when I put a question in it never takes long to get an answer. It´s very nice for a newcomer as you feel welcome straight away. 


A “buddy” is assigned to every new person that joins, which makes it really easy to integrate. I  have a very good connection with my Polish “buddy”. 


Every Friday we are presented with how the company is doing, the vision etc. Management is very transparent and it makes me feel like I am very much part of the growth and success of Jobandtalent.


I feel recognised within the company. We use an internal tool in which we are encouraged to give feedback. And most importantly, this feedback is acted on to constantly improve our work life.

This tool can also be used to show your appreciation to a colleague. It feels really rewarding when you receive such appreciation from a colleague or manager after you have done something well.



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