4 Reasons Why Isn’t Your Job Listing Attracting the Right Tech Talent

Finding Talented Employees
Well, your job listing is losing out to the competition and not attracting the right talent for reasons aplenty. With decades of experience in the tech recruitment space, I have found that when it comes to recruiting top talent, it boils down to making a positive impression on the right candidate.  Are you doing enough to score some points in the job boards?   Finding Talented Employees I do understand that the listing makes the first impression on a candidate. One of the key reasons some employers don’t attract right tech candidates is that they do not focus on the job description part. My research shows this is the reason why some companies do not attract the right tech talent. The same could be the reason with your job listing. While you are looking for the best tech candidates, you are somehow not focusing on the job listing. Is the language in your job listings boilerplate? Are you not focusing on customizing listings to the requirements of technical candidates? Believe me, job description is the “bait” to attract right tech talent. So what is the best way to present your job listing? The most effective way to attract tech talent is to customize your job listings.  Being in the tech recruitment industry, I know that technical professionals have different search criteria, as opposed to non-technical candidates. So when writing a job description, try to determine what technical candidates look for when reviewing specs. Here is how you could improve upon your job description in your endeavor to recruiting top talent:  
  • What are the roles and responsibilities?
  If your listing isn’t attracting tech talent, you may want to review it. Does your listing focus on the job role and responsibilities? As a tech recruitment professional myself, what I look for in listing details is the job role. Of course, as a potential candidate, I would want to know what I will be working on. How will my services impact the company I will be hired for?   So it is critically important to clearly define the tasks involved with the position. Perhaps candidates are interested to learn about the product creation roles and any new projects they could be working on. You would do well by highlighting them so your enterprise appears to be the right fit in every way.  
  • What tools & technologies will the candidate get to work on?
  I am aware that skilled tech professionals consider their career marketability when it comes to choosing jobs. They always prefer to work with newer tools and technologies. Does your listing emphasize on technologies the candidate would be exposed to? Do potential candidates get an insight into the tools or software they would be using in your company? Try to emphasize technologies that are hot in the marketplace.  Skilled technical workers favor positions where there are opportunities to learn new tricks.  
  • How about your work culture and environment?
  Work culture influences productivity of employees. Talented tech workers are keen to learn about the work culture in the technology department.   I have observed that technology professionals tend to receive more favorable treatment in companies with technology as the prime revenue source. Ideally, it has been observed that the more the company’s focus on technology, the higher the investment in recruiting tech talent! Working with great teammates is the desire of every talented professional, for work environment impacts productivity. You could do well by highlighting how your employees team up when it comes to solving problems.  You may want to mention core values of your technology groups in order to attract like-minded talent. Perhaps the best minds in the tech industry are interested to know if the team they would be working with has worked on a well-known product or if it is receiving industry attention. When you are finding top talent, it could help to give some insight into the top projects or products your tech teams have been involved in.  
  • What does your listing tell the candidate know about compensation & perks?
  The phrase “competitive salary and benefits” no longer attracts top talent. What does this tell the candidates? I have closely observed that this tells candidates nothing about what they can expect to receive different from your competitors. Create the job description with details about compensation, monetary benefits, and perks that set you apart from the competition. Can the candidates expect to attend special business events, conferences, and training programs as an employee of your company? What extras can they expect with your company? Let your job listing or description showcase your business as a technology-oriented enterprise that appears just perfect to the right tech candidate.   Believe me, if you can take care of these pointers, you are right on the track to finding talented tech employees.