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Six step sourcing strategy

How we source software developers no one else can find

Dive in and discover some of our biggest sourcing secrets. From the way we set up a strategy to our best (and worst!) candidate engagement campaigns, this e-book is stuffed with tech recruitment tips, tricks and insights. Get your free copy of the world's most detailed sourcing e-book and find out how we source software developers no one else can.
how we find ecommerce developers

How we find e-commerce developers for you to hire

We're going to let you in to our deepest, darkest TechSpotting secrets. We've filled the tech teams at companies like, Spotify and SkyScanner - and we're going to tell you exactly how we've done it. Download your free e-book, hold on to your Tech-escopes and get ready to fill your tech teams with your dream hires.
how to find and hire developers

How to find and hire e-commerce developers

Download our free e-book and discover what an “ideal” e-commerce or travel tech developer looks like, the 5 key skills all successful developers have - and the exact steps you need to need to take to find and hire them! From profiles and interview questions to expert tips and tricks, this guide will arm you with with everything you need to find tech talent and start building your tech team.
how to hire international developers in Germany

How to hire international developers in Germany: the EU Blue Card

There's a huge shortage of tech talent in Germany: 60% of companies are struggling to hire IT professionals. But there's a solution. The European Blue Card is a work and residence permit that’s easier for German companies to procure than a stein at Oktoberfest - as long as you know how to go get it. Download our free step-by-step guide and start hiring developers today.
how to hire developers in the netherlands

How to hire non-EU developers in The Netherlands

1/4 Dutch companies already have a shortage of IT staff. By 2020, there will be 37,000 IT vacancies.  If you're struggling to find developers, the only solution is to look abroad for tech talent. It can seem overwhelming, but we promise hiring international developers in The Netherlands is easier than you think. Download our free e-book and start navigating the EU Blue Card, Highly Skilled Migrant Visa and 30% tax rebate. 


hire more women in tech

How to hire women in tech: the ultimate guide

We spoke to 74 women working in tech to find out what needs to change. Based on our research, here are some simple steps you can take today to boost the number of women in your tech team.