10 things you didn’t know about the EU Blue Card

10 things you didn't know about the EU Blue Card
The EU Blue Card is the fastest, easiest, most efficient way to hire non-EU developers, designers, programmers and IT specialists in Germany. You probably know that already. But did you know developers only need to hold the visa for 21 months before qualifying for permanent residency, if they speak B1 level German? If you want to learn more about the Blue Card and how you can use it to hire the world’s greatest IT ninjas, get our free guide.  

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Don’t think you need our guide? We bet you don’t know these 10 things about the EU Blue Card: 

    1. The minimum salary threshold for IT professionals is MASSIVELY lower than for other professions because they’re in such high demand. The normal salary threshold is €50,800, but for IT specialists it’s €39,624.   2. International developers who’d like to take part in the Blue Card scheme don’t necessarily need a degree. But they will need to demonstrate at least 5 years relevant professional experience. (With a degree, it’s only 2 years).   3. Blue Card holders can get permanent residency in Germany after only 33 months. That’s less than 3 years! This goes down to 21 months if they speak at least B1 level German. Plus, it’s really easy to apply for permanent residency (even easier than getting the Blue Card!)   4. Germany has issued more Blue Cards than all other EU countries combined. Way more, in fact. Between 2012 – 2015, Germany issued 89% of all Blue Cards in the EU. They’re actively promoting it as a way to find awesome developers and programmers, which is great news for you. Find out who issued the remaining 11% in our e-book!   5. If a Blue Card holder loses their job, they can stay in Germany for up to three months while they look for a new one.   6. With a processing fee of only €140, the EU Blue Card is one of the cheapest long term visas in the world.   7. Partners and children under 18 can relocate and look for work in Germany without applying for an additional visa or work permit.   8. Employees can pick up their Blue Card in their home country as soon as the job contract is signed and agreed. That means they can start work the minute they land on German soil!   9. The Blue Card is tied to the employer, so if the employee changes their job title, they won’t need to reapply.   10.The scheme was launched by the EU in 2012, so has now been running for almost 7 years.