Top 6 reasons why Tech Talent decides to leave your company

reasons why Tech Talent decides to leave

We talk on a daily basis with Developers, UX Designers, Product Owners across the globe and get to understand what it is that they are not happy within their current company and what they are looking for in a new employer. Every single situation is individual, but over the years we have seen a pattern in why Tech Talent decides to leave their company. The majority of the reasons why they decide to leave are in your control, as an employer. So what can you do to keep your Tech Team happy?

  • Yes, money plays a big role

Unfortunately, we can’t avoid the topic of salary. We all know that salary is very high in the list of priorities. This is something that you need to accept as an employer and offer your workers a competitive wage and social benefits to allow them to fully commit to the job.

  • Un-flexible schedule

Sometimes, a 9 to 5 schedule just won’t cut it. If you have the possibility, ask your tech team about their preferences in terms of schedules, and try to accommodate even the most unusual requests. If he’s required to develop software, maybe let him do it from home. Flexible work hours can mean all the difference in the world.

  • Bored and unchallenged 

Your tech team doesn’t want to lose touch with the ever-evolving technologies and be forced to look for another job that will constantly keep him/ her updated on the latest trends. Trainings, hackathons, conferences they all form an important part of overall satisfied and balanced work life.

  • Stagnation 

People don’t want to do the same job for 15, 30 years. They want to develop themselves, grow in their professional life and move forward up the career ladder. If there are no further opportunities at their current employer they will have to seek it somewhere else.

  • No flat structure, too many supervisors

Rigid top to bottom structure makes for a very hard environment to work in. Everybody needs some structure and leadership but where is it written that it always has to be the old school system we are all so used to? This just makes for an unhappy team.

  • Their ideas are not heard

Hiring someone for a specific position doesn’t mean that this person doesn’t have great ideas that could make your and everybody’s work easier and better. Listen to them. At the end of the day, they are the ones with first hand experience. Everybody needs to feel that they part of the bigger picture and contributing to the overall wellbeing of the company.


Here you have it, these are the top 6 reasons why people decide to leave your company. As you can see, many of the reason can be influenced or changed by you as an employer. It’s not too late.

Picture: Pixabay