Why e-commerce developers are like aliens

e-commerce developers are like aliens
E-commerce developers are like aliens. We’ve heard they exist. People claim to have seen them. But they’re impossible to find. We’ve spent the last few years on the Tech Spotting trail and we’ve managed to spot some (e-commerce developers, not aliens). We’ve even documented what they look like so you can spot them too.  

What does an e-commerce developer look like?

All e-commerce and travel tech developers look exactly the same. They all stand fully upright between 155.448 and 155.449 centimetres. However, when they’re sitting (which is their usual position) they may shrink to a height of 91.44 centimetres. This can be confusing for an e-commerce developer spotter, so keep an eye out for shrinkage. E-commerce developers always wear dark grey t-shirts covered with a film logo and large letters. The letters can say anything and can be in any language, but they will convey a subliminal message to the reader, so try to avoid reading their t-shirts. Or looking them in the eye. HR specialists are still trying to identify a developer’s natural habitat. Some believe they like to work packed tightly together into one large room. But others believe they like to work alone in remote settings, far away from all other humans. What’s for certain is that all e-commerce developers like to work in exactly the same way, they just don’t know what that way is yet.  

We’re kidding. Obviously. So what does an e-commerce developer really look like?

E-commerce and travel tech developers might look like anything on the outside. But on the inside, they all have exactly the same backgrounds, experiences, wishes and desires. OK, we put our hands up – we’re still playing with you. Diversity is absolutely crucial in tech. Diverse teams think more creatively, challenge old ideas and come up with new ways of working. Importantly, diverse tech teams also better represent the audience buying or using their products. The best e-commerce and travel tech developers come in all shapes, colours, heights and t-shirt styles. But they do have some things in common.   why e-commerce developers are like aliens  

Last time, we promise. What does the ideal e-commerce developer look like?

E-commerce can be a difficult environment: fast-moving, agile and competitive, it’s not always the easiest sector to work in. In order for new hires to settle in and start contributing successfully to the team from day one, they don’t need a grey t-shirt with a film logo, but they do need the following five traits. E-commerce developers should:   Now you know what e-commerce developers really look like, how can you find them? We promise they’re slightly easier to spot than aliens. We’ve put together an e-book full of useful developer-spotting tips and tricks. From profiles to interview hints, it has everything you need to start filling your tech team with aliens e-commerce developers. Download your e-commerce e-book.
Elisa Alston
Elisa Alston