What Do You Need To Know About Java Developers When Hiring

Java Developers

The war to hire the best coders is getting fiercer, with everyone looking for the right developer. Finding the best talent is undoubtedly a challenge. This is what my experience with the hiring industry says. Coding is critical to building mobile apps, keeping critical apps on the cutting edge, and redesigning the user experience on your site, so everyone is looking for the best coders. So when it comes to hiring Java developers, what should you be looking at?

Hiring a great coder requires you to do more than posting a vacancy on a job board. As a recruiter, you would want to make sure you find the best talent. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Coding Knowledge And Experience

Java world changes often. When you assess Java developer skills, remember this. A developer with framework gained years ago may not be the right fit for your job.

Additionally, in the world of Java, the coder must be familiar with Java tools and libraries. If you come across a resume of a Java developer who has better knowledge of the language than the tools and libraries, you would better want to look for another option.

The prime reason being that without knowledge of Java libraries, tools, and documentation, a coder will write everything from scratch, which would amount to wastage of time. Compare this to a developer with knowledge of Java libraries and frameworks. I find them much more efficient than the former. In fact, they leverage these resources like lego to create something and write code only when crucial.

Moreover, there is a significant difference between university knowledge and commercial knowledge. Java knowledge gained from university does not hold too much importance compared to practical or commercial experience. So when it comes to looking for Java developer skills, it is important not to ignore business coding experience.

Knowledge of Key Concepts

Ideally, a Java developer should have good knowledge of the following key concepts:

  • Java memory model
  • MVC pattern
  • JDBC/DAO patterns
  • Threading and concurrency
  • Dependency injection

Fluent coding and hands-on experience in JavaScript, Java Server Pages, Enterprise Edition, and Java Platform comes in handy to meeting the specific challenges of coding.  

When looking to hire java developer, I try to find where the candidate stands as far as their knowledge and experience in coding is concerned.

  • Do they have broad database development and software integration experience?
  • Can they create Java applications to meet specifications of any project?
  • Are they skilled enough to coordinate testing, design, development, and debugging of projects?

All in all, you should be looking for someone with core competencies, who is good at the language and can use the open-source Java.

Pertinent Certification

When the question how to hire a java developer is on top of your mind, you ought to evaluate candidates based on their knowledge, skills, and certification. Having a certification demonstrates the candidate’s commitment to skill development, besides validating what they know. It shows that they have tackled difficult coding problems and can know how to find the error or logic flaw while checking the source code. This means they can use their experience and knowledge to avoid common Java mistakes in your projects that they had encountered previously.

The best talent will have a huge impact on your team’s productivity. True, it is worth spending your time on looking for the best talent to hire Java developers, who can constantly deliver stable, scalable apps that perform well. A strategic approach to recruiting a Java coder can bring you amazing results.

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Featured Image: Faizal Ramli/Shutterstock, Inc.